Green Releaf Tablets

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Suitable for Dogs and Cats. Natural support for your pet’s skin, joints and urinary system – with soothing, cleansing and pH balancing properties with a powerful combination of specially selected whole green plants, our Green Releaf® Tablets have natural soothing, cleansing and pH balancing properties.

How do Green Releaf® Tablets work?
The specially selected whole green plants found in Green Releaf® Tablets deliver a
powerful combination of natural active compounds which work together to naturally
support your pet:
● Watercress – packed with nutrients and antioxidants, useful for neutralising
free radicals across the body – a real superfood!
● Celery Seed – helps maintain suppleness and free movement
● Celery Plant – has a naturally soothing effect
● Horseradish – naturally supports the urinary system
● Parsley – helps maintain a healthy pH balance

How do I give Green Releaf® Tablets?
Our Green Releaf® Tablets should be given daily, ideally splitting the recommended
daily amount in two, to give half in the morning and half in the evening. They can be
given with or without food – whatever your pet prefers – and the new smaller tablet
size helps make administration easier than ever.
To help maintain healthy skin you should use Green Releaf® Tablets continuously for
at least a month. It takes this long for the full effects of Green Releaf® Tablets to be
seen, as skin takes about three weeks to regenerate in dogs. If you know your pet
suffers with their skin at particular times, for example due to pollen allergies, you can
start using our Green Releaf® Tablets a month before.

Green Releaf® Tablets Can..
help to maintain healthy skin, particularly when it is sensitive, and can also be
used to help maintain healthy joints and kidneys and as an aid for normal urination –
things that owners of older dogs often worry about. ● Skin – calms and soothes
● Joints – helps to improve comfort and mobility
● Normal urination – promotes mild water loss, helping to maintain normal urine
flow and pH balance. The pH balancing effect of Green Releaf® Tablets has been reported by pet owners to help reduce tear staining and lawn burn.