Health Benefits

Raw Feeding Guide

First things first, the health benefits of raw food compared to kibble:


Raw Kibble
Species appropriate (meat, bone, organ, fresh and unprocessed) Highly processed (causing inflammation and skin irritation)
Increases hydration (70% moisture content) Decreases hydration (approx. 10% moisture)
Easy weight management (no fillers or high carbohydrates) High carbohydrates (causing obesity and poor health)
Reduces allergies and food sensitivities (healthier gut and improved endocrine system) Rancid fats (vitamin and protein deficiencies and inflammations)
Naturally cleans teeth Synthetic ingredients (colours and chemicals)
Improves skin and coat Mycotoxins (storage mites, increasing risk of bacterial growth)
Increases energy (rich in wholesome nutrients and minerals) Fillers and additives (large stool volumes from undigested ingredients)
Less stools (superior digestibility)

Our Guide to Feeding Raw

Raw feeding guide:

A good rule of raw feeding is 80% meat, 10% offal (of which 5% is liver, 5% kidney) and 10% bone.

It is perfectly OK to vary the percentage from day to day to suit you – but you must feed this balance over a period of around a week, your dog will come on leaps and bounds.

We offer a varied range of complete raw dog meals and complementary meals with offal where bone needs to be added. However if you don’t want to worry about this, choosing a good quality complete meal from our range of brands can give you confidence that your dog is getting all it needs in a balanced meal everyday.
Should you need any additional advice we will support you every step of the way, and are happy to help where we can.

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