Keeper’s Mix – Sensitive



Suitable for Dogs and Cats. Super-boost your sensitive pet’s diet with this unique blend of seven herbs to support all-round health. An even gentler and milder flavoured version of our best-selling original Keeper’s Mix supplement – developed to provide the same whole-body benefits and ideal for young dogs and cats, or those with known sensitivities.



The blend of seven herbs are perfectly balanced to provide natural antioxidants (to neutralise free radicals), vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, fibres and complex bioactive compounds while being especially gentle on the gut and other organs. Keeper’s Mix Sensitive naturally promotes all-round health by supporting vital organs and encouraging a thick and healthy coat.


Which dogs can benefit from Keeper’s Mix Sensitive?
Keeper’s Mix Sensitive is perfect to provide an all-round boost for young cats and
dogs, or those that have known sensitivities, such as a proneness to gut upsets or a
delicate palate. For working dogs, animals performing at a high level or those
experiencing physical demands, Keeper’s Mix sensitive is an ideal supplement to
provide extra nutritional support while being extra gentle on the gut and other body
organs. For pets on raw diets, both Keeper`s Mix blends are popular choices, with
100% herbal ingredients and nothing artificial – just pure, natural goodness.

Which beneficial herbs are found in Keeper’s Mix?
Each herb in Keeper’s Mix Sensitive is carefully selected for its active compounds
that naturally support your pet’s health and help maintain biological balance:
● Kelp Seaweed for minerals, coat growth and pigmentation. We recommend
Keeper’s Mix as a dog coat supplement, as the kelp seaweed encourages
healthy coat growth.
● Marshmallow root has been traditionally used to help with digestive problems.
This mucilaginous herb helps soothe irritated body tissues and assists gut
● Lucerne, also known as alfalfa, a nutritious plant that is a source of vitamins
A, C & K. This herb provides essential vitamins to promote your pet’s health.
● Nettle is rich in chlorophyll, iron and vitamin C.
● Psyllium for a healthy bowel and digestion – excellent for improving the
digestion of both raw and commercial pet food.
● Clivers help to maintain good kidney and bladder function, and help maintain
clear skin.
● German chamomile is well known as a calming herb and also helps maintain
balance within the body
The visible benefits are clear to see with a wonderfully thick and healthy coat, good
pigmentation and improved overall health.