Mixed Box of Landywoods Minces

from £16.00

What the Mixed Box contains:

The variety of proteins in this box is perfect to help maintain your dog’s healthy diet. This box contains up to 9 different meats! The minces come frozen in their individual compostable boxes that can easily be poured into your dogs’ bowls without any mess!




Landywoods Variety Box

The mixed box may contain:

  • Lamb tripe & Turkey
  • Chicken & Beef
  • Chicken & veg
  • Chicken & Salmon
  • Beef & Tripe
  • Best Minced Beef
  • Chicken mince
  • Tripe & Duck
  • Chicken & Tripe
  • Chicken & Lamb
  • Lamb Tripe
  • Turkey mince

Should your dog be allergic or intolerant to any proteins, please let us know at the checkout and we will do our best to accommodate to their dietary needs!